lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Before I die

- Dancing in the rain
- Study abroad
- Kiss a stranger
- Skydive
- Learn how to surf
- Fall in love
- Go fishing and eat my catch
- Get a belly button piercing
- Let go of 100 balloons at one time
- Own a white kitten
- Go to California, USA
- Learn how to skateboard
- Be part of a flash mob
- Write a book
- Live in London
- Kiss under the water
- Party in Las Vegas
- Attach a lock to a love bridge
- Meet Lady Gaga
- Pet a panda
- Solve a Rubik's cube
- Shop in NY city
- Visit all 50 USA states
- Have a big family
- Feel beautiful
- Conquer my fears
- Send a message in a bottle
- Jump off a waterfall
- Ride an elephant
- See a tornado
- Ride a hot air balloon
- Drink coffee in Seattle
- Own an Iphone
- Go to Canada 
- Find a four leaf clover
- Be someone's first love
- Attend a masquerade
- Set foot on the moon
- Meet 30s to Mars

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